#2. The cost of running, serotonin free, greater happiness

Running, jogging or walking intensely are physical activities, called active transport, which release serotonin, the hormone of happiness, and that we get for free.

I will not go into technicalities but we into history. In these days was the Bicycle Day, I was reading that programs of disease prevention and health promotion do not have the desired impact on the population, today because obesity is a public health problem. So what’s going on? It is very difficult for me, this step of the academy to be a blogger. But that challenge stimulates me, because it is trying to communicate to all people scientific knowledge.

During the running, jogging or walking, the serotonin is released and end, their impact is greater, I feel a sense of well-being and happiness. And best of all, I have happiness free. But it is not a false state of happiness, I am realistic, I do not deny the reality; for example I’m taking that well-being to write this blog. Oh and clear about highlight other beneficial effects of physical activity on health, such as: reduction of obesity, contribute to improving the environment, because it is an activity of zero pollution.

So I think that I am aware, that is the question. How to generate awareness among people? How do what you people do physical activity? How can you have free happiness? Or is it better to sell the hormone of happiness? For so, it would be easier for all. -­Yes sir to order, ..- if you please sell me a dose of happiness (serotonin) …- No sorry sir, we do not have …- But sir I have a medical problem, I’m addicted to serotonin…

Today I went jogging (running in English) because the meteorology institute reports possible rain for the weekend. Furthermore, for heavy rains were lost harvest rice and soybeans, so a rise is expected in prices, climate change ?

After running combined with walking intensely, activity was marked by intense pain on the outside of the left knee, I searched the Google bible, and has a name: runner’s knee or iliotibial band syndrome. Well that says I must make warm and moderate physical activity, it was obvious after several months of physical inactivity. After all, my result after 30 minutes was a 281 calorie expenditure in 3.88 kilometers; but I ended up happy.


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